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Farm to Table

By partnering with local vendors, our team uses organically grown produce uses to create the perfect meal for your next event. We work closely with our clients and farmers to create a customized farm-to-table menu based on the season. Through our "green" catering services, it is our goal to to minimize our environmental impact while creating the freshest, most tempting menu for your next event.

Farm to Table Catering

Cast Iron Catering shares their passion for food in custom Farm-to-Table events throughout Middle Georgia. Partnering up with local farmers and craft food producers, Cast Iron Catering can craft a perfect private event — plucking veggies off the vine and sharing organic, local deliciousness with your guests.

Contact Cast Iron Catering today to talk possibilities for creating your own special Farm-to-Table event.

What our customers are saying:

"Amazing meal, beautiful presentation. 
William & David were awesome! Will definitely be using them again."

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